What are compression socks Canada?

Compression stockings contain elastic fibres that exert a defined pressure on the legs. Unlike support stockings, they have been proven to be medically effective. They help to prevent tired and heavy legs, varicose veins and more severe venous diseases or support their treatment.

What level of compression socks do Canadian need?

3 Easy Steps to Find The Right Compression Stockings For Your Needs
There are so many different options when it comes to compression socks and stockings, that it can be a challenge finding the type that best suits your unique needs. To make the process easier, here are 3 simple steps to choose the right compression socks for you.
Step 1: Choose The Compression Level
The key to gaining the most benefit from your compression stockings is to choose the right compression levels to address your needs. A good rule of thumb to follow is:
15-20 mmHg: Great for daily wear, travel, and sports. They help improve circulation without being too tight.
20-30 mmHg: Great for sports recovery, daily wear, medical recovery, and to manage mild symptoms of varicose and spider veins. Ideal for patients looking for more support.
30-40 mmHg: This level of compression stockings is recommended for serious conditions such as blood clots (DVT), severe swelling (edema), and severe varicose veins.
Always Consult With Your Doctor
For specific medical conditions, its important to consult with your doctor on the exact compression level for you.
Step 2: Choose if You Want a Sock or Stocking
If you are looking for compression stockings, you have the option of a compression sock or stocking. Heres what you need to know:
Knee High Socks: These compression socks stop below the bend of your knee. You should not pull these over your knee as it can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous, depending on your condition and the compression youre wearing. This is ideal if you have swelling in your ankles.
Thigh High: These cover your entire leg, stopping at the top of your thigh. They are meant to cover your entire thigh and improve circulation throughout your leg.
Pantyhose/Waist High: Waist high compression stockings have both legs connected by a torso portion. They are able to bring swelling up and out of your legs through your hips.
Step 3: Choose Your Style and Material
To further customize which type of compression stocking is right for you, you also have a wide range of options when it comes to style and material.
Opaque fabric: This is ideal for both men and women because they are easy to wear and strong enough to provide enough compression to your legs. They are also more durable than sheer fabrics.
Sheer fabric: These are lightweight, transparent, and fashionable, and are easy to pair with many clothes. At times, however, they snag, and dont provide as much containment for swelling.
Cotton or wool: Compression socks for running or sports are made of durable materials that control heat and moisture. While theyre also a great choice for daily wear, varicose veins, and swelling, this material is generally only available in lower compression levels.

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