What Are Thigh-High Compression Socks?

Thigh-high compression hose extends beyond your knees, reaching the mid-thigh. Some wearers prefer the way thigh highs make their legs look and feel. If youve found knee-high pressure socks to be uncomfortable, you may prefer thigh highs.

Thigh-high stockings can be made from thinner material that is sheer like pantyhose or a thicker fabric like a Nylon sock. Since they have a larger area of coverage than knee-high compression socks, they must be fitted carefully to ensure effectiveness and comfort.

What do thigh-high compression stockings do?

There are several types of compression socks, including those that go to the knee and thigh-high compression socks. Though for some, the thought of having compression socks up to the thigh may feel uncomfortable, they have several benefits that can improve your life. 

Your Whole Leg Will Benefit

Thigh-high compression stockings cover the whole leg. Therefore, they make it possible for the whole leg to benefit from compression therapy. As obvious as it sounds, if you have compression socks that only go up to the calf or knee, the upper parts of your legs are not getting the benefits of compression therapy.

Thigh-High Compression Socks Will Improve Vein Function

Thigh-high compression socks will increase the speed and volume of the blood passing through your veins. As a result, your veins diameters will be reduced, preventing blood from refluxing downward to your feet or into superficial veins. These socks will also help your veins to pump more blood to your heart.

Thigh-High Stockings Will Help in Treating Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are quite common in many people. They occur when faulty valves in ones veins allow blood to pool or flow in the incorrect direction. These veins can make you feel self-conscious due to the appearance of your legs. These stockings will prevent these veins from worsening and reduce any discomfort or pain caused by the veins. They will do this by applying pressure on your legs, helping blood to flow effectively in the right direction.

Thigh-High Compression Stockings Will Treat Any Swellings Above the Knee

Generally, compression socks treat swelling. However, knee-high compression stockings are likely not to treat any swelling above the knee since they do not cover the knees and the areas above them. Thigh-high compression stockings are likely to treat such swelling since they cover the knee and the areas above it.

These Stockings Help in the Treatment of Orthostatic Hypotension

Anyone can experience orthostatic hypotension when you stand from lying or sitting down. Its causes include dehydration, medication side effects, ageing, and standing up very quickly. If you often experience this form of low blood pressure, you need to think about restoring your normal blood pressure.

You can do this by increasing the volume of the blood flowing through your blood vessels, and helping these vessels push blood effectively throughout your body. Ensuring blood pooling does not occur will also help restore your normal blood pressure. Thigh-high stockings can help you do all this.

Thigh-High Compression Stockings Offer Superior Comfort

Practically, thigh-high compression stockings offer more comfort than waist-high compression stockings. As a result, you can wear thigh-high compression stockings all day. Also, you do not have to take these stockings off when you go to the restroom. All compression socks are guaranteed for at least 6 months. All our compression socks and legwear are higher quality, 4-way stretch, etc.

Thigh-High Compression Stockings Come in Many Styles

Regardless of the medical benefit, you probably would not wear thigh-high compression stockings that do not match your outfit. Thanks to the many styles of thigh-high compression stockings that are available. From open-toe stockings to closed-toe thigh-high compression stockings, there are many options that you can choose. You can also decide to buy stockings made from opaque or sheer fabrics.

How to Wear Thigh-High Stockings?

To wear these socks easily, roll them down to your heels and then insert your feet into them. After this, pull the socks up, unrolling them over your legs. In case you notice any wrinkles on the socks after unrolling them, adjust the socks.

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