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Dog Paw Protector Pads Non-Slip, (12 Sets - 48 Pads) Paw Grippings Traction Pads Provides Traction and Brace for Weak Paws to Prevent The Dog from Sliding on Smooth Floors - S
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  • DOG WALKING AID: The dog paw protector pads non-slip can help your weak old dog or sick dog (arthritis, spine disease, etc.) regain confidence and make ​your puppy from stability on tile and hardwood floors.
  • INCREASE MORE TRACTION: The dog paw protector pads adds reliable non-slip silicone point, provides maximum traction and support for weak paws, reduce the force on the hind limbs of the dog, and walks steadily.
  • STEALTH TECHNOLOGY: The paw grip traction pad with a thickness of only 0.04 inches, they are a great option for pets who dislike traditional dog booties and are constantly trying to take them off.
  • EASY TO PUT ON: The paw grip traction pad is disposable and self-adhesive. Trim the dog’s nails and hair between the mats, keep the dog’s feet clean and dry, remove the sticker and stick it on the mat.
  • SAFETY & BREATHABILITY: The paw grip traction pad has a special hypoallergenic certified adhesive (similar to a band-aid), soft and breathable. Even if your puppy wears it all day, it will not affect the perspiration of the paw pads.

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