Whats benefit of short compression socks?

It can improve body function and mobility for a better quality of life. Short Compression socks are designed to protect the leg muscles and help them recover more quickly after an intense workout. They're also a great way to increase the blood flow to the affected part of the legs, especially when doing various exercises.

What different between Short and long compression socks?

One of the benefits of short compression socks is that they look just like regular socks if youre into that sort of thing. Our short, ankle socks--often called compression running socks--are designed specifically for the runner.  The moisture-wicking fabric helps to prevent blisters and prevent irritation while resisting odors. The socks impact cushion makes every step softer while the added arch support and cushion heel and toe provide ultimate comfort, allowing you to focus on the run ahead and not your feet. If you suffer from shin-splints, pairing the running socks with a sleeve will provide the additional comfort you need to stay focused. 

On the other hand, long compression socks provide assistance in a variety of situations, not just running. Whether you are sedentary, post-recovery, working long hours on your feet, traveling, or training at the gym the longer socks help improve your circulation and reduce swelling. 

Compression isnt just for runners. It's for everyone. Make sure you are getting the right sock to fit your specific needs.

Who Can Wear Short Compression Socks?

Pregnant women: During the last few months of pregnancy, women can find it difficult to keep their feet from swelling significantly due to the various strains put on their bodies. Short compression socks can fight against gravity to keep the fluid from pooling up into the ankles and feet. Some pregnant women also like the added feature of knee-length compression socks as they can help to prevent varicose veins that can be common in pregnant women.

Workers/People who have to stand up for more than 8 hours: People who have jobs that demand that they work for hours standing up may find compression socks to be the best thing under the sun. Nurses, food servers and other people have to run around with barely a little time to rest. Compression socks can help to reduce swelling and promote healthy circulation for people who dont have time to put their feet up!

Athletes and sportspeople: Being an athlete means that you will have to practice rigorously on a regular basis. Many athletes like to use short compression socks to keep their feet comfortable while avoiding swelling. Some very serious athletes like to use the entire leg sleeve that goes all the way up to the thigh in order to reduce the buildup of lactic acid and, thereby, minimize the amount of cramping and post-workout soreness. Some compression socks are also designed to absorb shock from feet pounding on the pavement.

Travelers: If you are traveling to a new destination for vacation, you would certainly want to decrease the chances of medical issues. Compression socks are just like regular socks – lightweight and portable– so you can take them with you in your luggage wherever you go. But wearing them on the airplane pr on long road trips might help to promote healthier circulation and reduce the amount of fatigue, especially when flying.

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